Digital Manager is the 1st Web based Business Management software in Pakistan. If you are looking for a Best Business Management Software in Pakistan that can be customised as per your business requirements then Digital Manager is right choice for you.

DigitalManager (Retail) version is being at Point of Sale (POS) Stores like Grocery Store, Sweets and Bakery Store, Apparel Store, Fabrics Store, Shoes Store, Cosmetics Store, Sanitary Store, Hardware Store, Medical Store,  Pesticide Store, Electronics Store, Electric Store, Mobile Store and other trading business like machinery, mechanical parts, packages and accessories.

It is best for businesses in Supply Chain, Distributions for order taking through mobile app, back office operations or distributions of goods like pharmacy, confectionaries, food items, chemicals, logistics business,

DigitalManager(Whole Sale or Agency)
is business specific version of whole sale markets like fruits, vegetable, Pulses, Seeds, Rice, Sugar, Oil & Ghee, Pulses and related businesses.

DigitalManager (ERP)
It is a generic and customisable Enterprise Resource Planning software developed for all manufacturing businesses covering modules Like AR, AP, GL, HR, CRM, Inventory and Production.

covers all modules that every Hospitality business like Hotels, Motels, AirBnB and Property Marketing and Management requires for their operation like Booking and Reservations, Front office, House Keeping, Room Services, Laundry, Restaurant and Event Management, Procurement, Store, Kitchen, HR and Finance.

is developed for chain of or single Restaurant, Fast Food, Ice and Juice Bars, Coffee and Snacks and Delivery and Take aways business covering modules from Order taking, kitchen order ticketing, packages, delivery, returns, purchase, store, returns, HR and Accounts.



Accounts Receivables/Payables, Ledger, Trail Balance, Profit / Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow.


Product Material Assembly, Costing, Overhead Production, Operations and Phases.

Point of Sale

POS Point of Sale software Barcode Based Sales, Purchase and Returns, Cash Register, X, Y Reports


Stock Requisition, Inward/Outward, Balance Values, Item Inventory Ledger, Aging, Costing, Stock Critical Levels and Re-orders.


Biometric Attendance, Overtime, Advances, Loans, Allowances, Salary Sheet, Salary Slip, Social Security
SMS Software


SMS Alert Integration with Sales, Receipts, Low Stock, Payments Overdue, Promotions, Offers and Announcements to Customers


Point of Sale and Back Office Management For Retail Businesses like Grocery Stores, Textile Goods, Pharmacy…
Digital Manager Industries Solutions


For Distibuters and Suppliers of Consumer Goods, Industrial Goods, Medicine, Water Filling Supply, Petroleum Goods, Cargo.
Digital Manager Industries Solutions


ERP for Manufacturers of Textile Goods, Engineering, Mechanicals, Chemical, Poultry Breeding, Flour Mills.
Digital Manager Industries Solutions


For Services oriented Businesses like School, College, Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant, Real Estate, Sales and Income Tax Agents.