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Inventory Management Software


The world’s easiest inventory solution to adopt your business.

Our leading asset tracking software enables you to manage inventory and assets across your company. Track vendors, move inventory across locations, and customize low stock threshold alerts for optimized inventory management. Scan Barcodes, QR Codes and RFID tags to perform mass actions and use our mobile apps to manage operations on the go! Our procurement module allows quick inventory replenishment through POs which automatically update your product catalog.
You can easily set up a complete barcode system for your business to improve your accuracy and efficiency. Use multi-user mode to connect everyone in your office. Work together, always know current stock levels, and use access rights as needed.
Take all your inventory-related costs and run reports to see your sales totals, cost of goods sold, taxes collected, profit margin, inventory value on hand and more!
Inventory management that is trusted by thousands of manufacturers and distributors in over 80 global locations.
Take control of inventory health and scale your business with confidence. Take control with perfect inventory management.
Inventory Management software forms the core of your business systems.
Keep track of your products as you sell and restock across multiple locations and channels.
Digital Wares Inventory Control is designed specifically for small businesses. The system includes key features such as real-time functionality, barcode creation for all inventory, auditing and cycle counts, managing minimum and maximum levels by item, creating e-mail purchase orders, supplier management and more. This program simplifies asset tracking by allowing users to search by serial number, lot, date, and pallet.
Digital Wares Inventory management software offers the option of receiving email alerts on task items, so everyone in the business has visibility into which items are running low in inventory, or which items are about to expire. Digital Wares Inventory Control is compatible on both iOS and Android platforms, and is offered at three separate pricing models based on your needs.

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