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Cloud Based
Builders and Construction Management Software

Digital Manger ( Builders and Construction Management Software ) is extremely helpful for real estate builders and developers to manage and control of purchasing of material, hiring of machinery, labour daily wages and payments, engineering and consultants services, inventory, accounts and sales of multiple projects online from anywhere.

Construction Business Software Modules

Muti Construction Sites Management.

Material and Machinery Purchase Management.

Store Inventory Management.

Labour work and Professional Services Hiring Management.

Sales Management

Accounts Management

// Software Modules & FEATURES

Construction Management

Problem Statement:

Construction projects often suffer from inefficiencies, delays, and communication breakdowns due to the use of outdated, paper-based management methods. Coordination challenges, data discrepancies, and slow decision-making can lead to increased costs and project overruns.



Our cloud-based Builders and Construction Management Software provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges. By digitizing and centralizing project data, it facilitates real-time collaboration among stakeholders, ensuring everyone has access to the latest information. This streamlines workflows, reduces errors, and enables quicker decision-making, ultimately saving time and money while enhancing project outcomes. 


Project Quotation Preparation

Customer Contract Form

Construction Material Defining Form

Construction Material Purchase Voucher

Construction Material Issuance/Consumption Voucher

Project Payments Paid against Labor/Services Voucher

Project Payments Received against Voucher


  • New Projects Report
  • Running Projects Report
  • Completed Projects Report
  • Project wise
  • Material wise
  • Project wise
  • Material wise
  • Labour Type wise
  • Service wise
  • Project wise
  • Expense Head wise
  • Project wise
  • Project wise
// Software Modules & FEATURES

Accounts Management

Problem Statement:

Construction businesses often struggle to manage their financial transactions and accounting processes effectively. The accounts management module within construction management software is essential for keeping track of sales, expenses, profits, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. However, traditional methods are time-consuming, error-prone, and lack the necessary integration with the broader retail ecosystem. These challenges can lead to inaccurate financial data, delayed reporting, and potential legal and financial complications.



Introducing our advanced Accounts Management Module within our Builders and Construction Management Software. This module is designed to seamlessly integrate financial management into the broader retail workflow, offering a holistic solution to the challenges faced by retail businesses.


Opening Balance Voucher

Cash Payment Voucher

Cash Receipt Voucher

Bank Payment Voucher

Bank Receipt Voucher

Cheque Issue Voucher

Cheque Receipt Voucher

Debit Note

Credit Note

Journal Entry Voucher


// Software Modules & FEATURES

Stock & Production Management

Problem Statement: Inventory management is a critical challenge for construction businesses. Balancing the right amount of stock to meet customer demands while minimizing carrying costs can be complex.

Solution: Digital Manager Builders and Construction Management Software Production Module provides a comprehensive solution to optimize and streamline inventory management processes for construction businesses.


Chart of Goods

Warehouse Definition

Stock Locations

Opening Stock Voucher

Stock Adjustment Voucher

Stock Transfer Voucher


Stock Breakage and Returns


// Software Modules & FEATURES

Payroll Management Software

Problem Statement:

Managing payroll is a complex and time-consuming task for businesses of all sizes. Accurate and efficient payroll management is crucial to ensure employees are paid correctly and on time, comply with tax regulations, and maintain the overall financial health of the organization. Traditional manual payroll processes can lead to errors, compliance issues, and inefficiencies, which can ultimately impact employee satisfaction and organizational reputation.



Introducing a comprehensive and user-friendly payroll management module of Builders and Construction Management Software solution designed to simplify and streamline the entire payroll process for organizations of all sizes. Our Payroll Management Solution offers a range of features to address the challenges faced in traditional payroll systems.


Roaster Defining

Date wise, Week wise, Month wise

Salary Days Setting

Departments Management

Shifts Management

Shifts Group Management

Staff Hiring Form

Staff Attendance

Staff Advance voucher

Staff Loan voucher

Staff Incentive voucher

Staff Penalty voucher

Staff mess charges

Overtime approval voucher

Update attendance voucher


  • Department-wise (Present, Absent, Leave, Half Leave, Holiday)
  • Shift Wise (Present, Absent, Leave, Half Leave, Holiday)
  • Staff wise(Present, Absent, Leave, Half Leave, Holiday)

Department wise, Shift Wise, Staff wise

Department wise, Staff wise

Department wise, Staff wise

Department wise, Staff wise

Department wise, Staff wise

Department Wise ( with Advances, Loan, Social Security, EOBI, Insurance, Deductions)

Staff wise

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