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Cloud Based
Production Management Software

Optimize your production processes with our state-of-the-art Production Management Software. From planning and scheduling to resource allocation and real-time monitoring, our solution empowers your business to achieve peak operational efficiency. Streamline workflows, reduce costs, and deliver products on time with confidence. Revolutionize your production management today!

Software Features

Chart of Accounts

Chart of Departments / Warehouse

BOM (Bill of Material)

FOH (Factory Over Heads)

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Production Management

Problem Statement:

The heart of every successful business lies in efficient production processes. However, many companies struggle with manual and disjointed production management methods. This often leads to missed deadlines, increased costs, quality issues, and frustrated teams. The lack of real-time visibility into production workflows and resource utilization hampers decision-making and growth.



Introducing Our Production Management Software Module: Our cutting-edge Production Management Software Module is your answer to streamlined and effective production processes. Designed to tackle the complexities of modern manufacturing, our module offers a holistic solution.


Inward Gate Pass

Stock Transfer voucher

Stock Consumption voucher

Production Estimation voucher

BOM Production voucher

Manual Production Voucher

Outward Gate pass / Delivery Chalan voucher


Date wise, Account wise, Item wise, warehouse wise etc.
Date wise, Item wise, Location to wise, Location from wise etc.

Date wise, Account wise, Item wise, warehouse wise etc.

Date wise, Account wise, Item wise, warehouse wise etc.



Consultancy Regarding Sales, Accounts, Inventory and Flock.


Software Operational Training to Staff


Required Tools & Software Installation on Computers.



Software, Hardware and Network Troubleshooting Support,

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