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Cloud Based
Accounts Management Software

Digital Manager(Accounts Management Software) helps you maintain your books of accounts (aka khata books) digitally. Say goodbye to manual bookkeeping and hello to automated financial reporting through our Accounts Management Software. People with non-accounting background can perform vouchers posting and reporting tasks easily using this accounting software. 

Accounts Management Software

Software Features

Double Entry System

Multi Level Chart of Accounts

Post Dated Cheques

Multi Companies

Multi Users

Complete Financial Reporting

// Software Modules & FEATURES

Accounts Management

Problem Statement:

Each business and individual requires to maintain its books of accounts for management control as well as filing of tax returns an easy and time saving way.  

Manually book keeping is out dated and use of spread sheets software requires technical accounting knowledge and considerable to prepare desired reporting.  

Hiring professional accountants adds more to operational cost. These challenges can lead to inaccurate financial data, delayed reporting, and potential legal and financial complications.



comprehensive and easy to use Accounting software like DigitalManager Accounts Management Software resolves this challenge very easily. It allows non-accountants to do voucher posting like filling an online form and checking reports like viewing a website.


Chart of Accounts

Opening Balances Voucher

Cash Payment Voucher

Cash Receipt Voucher

Bank Payment Voucher

Bank Receipt Voucher

Post Dated Cheque Issue Voucher

Post Dated Cheque Receipt Voucher

Debit Note

Credit Note

General Journal Entry Voucher


Date wise, Account wise, Level wise

Date wise, Account wise, Level wise

Date wise, Account wise, Bank wise

Date wise, Account wise, Bank wise

Date wise, Account wise, Bank wise

Date wise, Account wise, Bank wise

Date wise, Account wise, Bank wise

All transactions of a day or between any dates.

Expense Account wise, Account Level wise

Account Payable Aging Sheet Due Days wise, Level wise.

Account Receivable Aging Sheet Due Days wise. Account Level wise.

Customer wise, Supplier wise, Invoice wise. 

Opening, For the period and Closing Balance. 

Opening, For the period and Closing Balance. 

Level wise

Level wise

Profit/loss notes upto three levels of account.

Vertical View Report

 Vertical Balance sheet

Note the balance sheet accounts unto three levels



Consultancy Regarding Sales, Accounts, Inventory and Flock.


Software Operational Training to Staff


Required Tools & Software Installation on Computers.



Software, Hardware and Network Troubleshooting Support,

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Revolutionize your financial management with our cloud-based accounting software.

Our intuitive platform is designed to cater to a wide range of industries, ensuring seamless and efficient accounting processes. With features like real-time data access, automated transaction tracking, and customizable reporting, our software is a versatile solution for businesses in:

  1. Retail: Streamline inventory management, track sales, and manage cash flow effortlessly to keep your retail business on the path to success.

  2. Hospitality: Optimize your finances while focusing on delivering exceptional guest experiences by efficiently managing expenses, payroll, and bookings.

  3. Manufacturing: Keep tight control over production costs, monitor supply chains, and ensure compliance with industry standards for your manufacturing operation.

  4. Professional Services: From law firms to consulting agencies, our software simplifies time tracking, invoicing, and project financials for professional service providers.

  5. Healthcare: Ensure your healthcare facility’s financial health with accurate billing, insurance claims, and expenditure management.

  6. E-commerce: Easily manage online sales, track expenses, and reconcile payments to drive growth in your e-commerce business.

  7. Nonprofits: Streamline your nonprofit’s financial management, donor tracking, and compliance reporting to focus on your mission.

  8. Construction: Handle project budgets, subcontractor payments, and equipment expenses with ease to keep your construction projects on track and within budget.

Our cloud-based accounting software is tailored to meet the unique needs of these diverse industries, offering a scalable and secure solution that empowers businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Experience the future of financial management – start your free trial today!

Frequently Askes Questions (FAQs)

Cloud-based accounts management software is a digital tool that allows businesses to manage their financial transactions, track expenses, generate invoices, and perform other accounting tasks online. It is hosted on remote servers and accessed through web browsers, eliminating the need for on-premises software installations.

Unlike traditional accounting software, cloud-based accounting software is accessible from any device with an internet connection. It also offers real-time collaboration, automatic updates, and data backup in secure cloud servers.

Yes, your data protected with 2 Factor Authentication level and your end and FBI level security at our American data center. We use encryption, secure data centers, and authentication protocols to protect your financial information.

Yes, that’s one of the primary benefits of cloud-based accounting software. You can access your accounts and financial data from anywhere with an internet connection, making it convenient for businesses with remote teams or frequent travelers.

We provider customer support through various channels, such as email, live chat, or phone. 

We offer tools and guidance for migrating your existing data. This may involve importing data from spreadsheets or other accounting software.

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