Petrol and Gas Filling Station Management Software

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Petrol and Gas Filling Station Management Software helps petrol and gas station owners to manage and automate their business operations in an easy and efficient way. DigitalManager(FuelStation) covers Purchase, Sales, Stock, Credit Invoicing, Tank Gain/loss, Rate Change Difference, Accounts and Time Attendance and Payroll modules.

Clients Using DigitalManager(Online Petrol Pump Software)


Software Modules and Features


  • Nozzle Sales and Printing Management & Information System
  • Credit Filling Sales and Invoicing Management System (Company wise, Vehicle wise)
  • Purchase Management & Information System (Fuel, Gas, Lubricants and additives)
  • Store Inventory Control & Information System
  • Oil Tank Gain Loss and Fuel Management System (with Dip readings and chart calculations)
  • Accounts Management & Information System
  • Time Attendance and Payroll Management and Information System
  • Notifications and SMS Alerts Integration.
  • User Administration and activities logs Management and Information System

Vouchers & Reports

Have a Look At Software Vouchers & Reports

Petrol and CNG Filling Station Management Software


  • Chart of Accounts
  • Chart of Products
  • Chart of Nozzles
  • Chart of Tank( Dip Chart Voucher)
  • Vehicle Registration Voucher
  • Purchase Voucher (Fuel, Lubricants, Additives)
  • Purchase Return Voucher( Lubricants, additives)
  • Daily Sale Voucher
    • Nozzle Sale (Petrol, Diesel, Gas)
    • Lubricants Sale
    • Additives Sale
    • Credit Sale
    • Expenses
    • Recovery
  • Dip Reading and Gain/loss Calculation  Voucher
  • Cash Payment Voucher
  • Cash Receipt Voucher
  • Bank Payment Voucher
  • Bank Receipt Voucher
  • Journal Voucher

Reports (Date wise)

  • Purchase Reports
    • Category wise (Fuel, Lubricants, additives)
    • Products wise
  • Sale Report
    • Category wise (Fuel, Lubricants, additives)
    • Product wise
    • Customers wise(Prepaid, Postpaid)
      • Company wise
      • Vehicle wise
      • Vehicle Bill Summary
      • Customer Billing Vs Receipt Summary
  • Stock Report
    • Category wise (Fuel, Lubricants, additives)
    • Product wise
    • Fuel Sale Stock Register
  • Expense Reports
  • Account Ledger
  • Day Book
  • Trial Balance
    • 2 Columns
    • 6 Columns
  • Profit and loss
    • Item wise Profit & Loss
  • Balance sheet
Accounts Management Software


  • On Sale Invoice
  • On invoice over due
  • On payment receipt
  • General Announcements and offers to customers

User Rights Management

  • User Registration Voucher
  • User Rights Assigning Voucher
  • User Log Report

Do You Know About Gas Station or Petrol

Filling Station Management Software?

Discover how Digital Manager Online Petrol Pump Software is transforming the way Petrol and Gas Station owners in Pakistan operate, significantly reducing operational costs, and driving unprecedented profit growth.

While it may seem like a petrol pump and gas station primary function is to fill car tanks and handle transactions, the reality is far more intricate and dynamic. Behind the scenes, a multitude of crucial tasks takes place, many of which often go unnoticed by the public.

With Digital Manager Gas Station Software every facet of your petrol pump operations can be controlled with unparalleled efficiency.

    • Sales Mastery: Effortlessly manage and monitor sales transactions, gaining insight into every aspect of your revenue stream.
    • Stock Control: Take charge of your fuel inventory with real-time tracking, ensuring you never run out of stock when your customers need it most.
    • Streamlined Invoicing: Generate accurate invoices seamlessly, simplifying the billing process for both you and your customers.
    • Recoveries Management: Keep tabs on credit transactions and streamline the recovery process, improving financial stability.
    • Attendance Records: Monitor employee attendance efficiently, ensuring a reliable workforce to keep your station running smoothly.
    • Salary Management: Simplify salary processing with automated systems, reducing administrative burdens and errors.


Discover how Digital Manager Online Petrol Pump Software can revolutionize your fuel management system and CNG filling station management. Contact us today for a demonstration and see the difference for yourself.

Live Nozzle Sales and Inventory Information by Connecting Dispensers with Petrol Pump Software.

Connect your petrol and gas station with an integration device to see real-time sales and tank-wise inventory information.


  1. All Nozzles Connected Directly to Cloud Based System
  2. Real-Time Reports on Each Sale
  3. Live Updates for Fuel Inventory
  4. Pre-Build Shift Closing Reports.

Technologies We Used

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// Petrol Pump Software In Faisalabad


Front End



Back End






Front End

HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Bootstrap


Back End

Laravel, JSON and AJAX



Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3










Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is cloud-based petrol pump software?

Cloud-based petrol pump software is a digital solution that helps petrol pump owners and operators manage their fuel management system, fuel station operations and inventory using cloud technology. It enables remote access to data and real-time monitoring of various aspects of the business as a back office software for gas station.

How does cloud-based petrol pump software work?

It works by storing all data and applications on remote servers (the cloud) instead of on local computers or servers. Users can access the software through a web browser, allowing them to manage their petrol pump business from anywhere with an internet connection.

What are the key features of cloud-based petrol pump software in Faisalabad?

Typical features of petrol pump software in Faisalabad include fuel inventory management, sales and billing, employee management, customer loyalty programs, fuel price updates, and reporting and analytics.

Is my data secure in the cloud of back office software for gas station?

Yes, your data is secured in our back office software for gas station by employing robust security measures, including data encryption, regular backups, and access controls.

Is training and support provided with the petrol and fuel management system software?

We offer training resources, tutorials, and customer support with our fuel management system software to help you get started and address any issues or questions you may have.