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This is caused by polluted freshwater resources, overexploited groundwater resources, insufficient harvesting capacities in the surrounding rural areas, poorly constructed and maintained water supply systems, high amount of informal water use and insufficient technical and water management capacities


Provide sustainable water services that enable a healthy, liveable and prosperous Melbourne
Water supplies have traditionally been sourced from protected catchments surrounding the city. A growing population and a projected drying trend in our climate mean that in addition to focusing on using water efficiently, we will also need a broader range of water supply sources.
We have a number of established programs to prevent water losses in our system and help our customers use water efficiently. We are adopting Integrated Water Cycle Management to introduce a broader range of fit for purpose supply solutions that can contribute to cleaner waterways and lower energy use.
We are working hard to ensure there is enough water for today, tomorrow, and for our environment. A number of our programs are shown in the following table. Successes to date include:

Recycling wastewater

  1. Harvesting stormwater to protect waterways and water local sports grounds.
  2. Working with local councils to ensure availability of water for the urban environment.
  3. Helping our business and residential customers improve their water efficiency.

Our Water Supply Management Actions and Programs

We are implementing a range of programs to manage our water supply.

These include:

  1. Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy Implementation.
  2. Managed Aquifer recharge Investigation, Stormwater harvesting project management.
  3. Sewer Mining Investigations.
  4. Water Mains Renewals to maintain asset reliability and minimize water loss.
  5. Upgraded Control System which notifies of leaks.
  6. Improve response for water supply system through IT enhancement.

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